Grant Cardone's 10X Planner: First Impressions

The 10x Planner is a tool I needed but didn’t realize I needed.

I heard about this notebook from some friends who are successful business owners (the subjects of a future post called “Lifestyles of the Preternaturally Shredded”), and I thought what I’d like best was some strange or unexpected new feature, but oddly enough, the thing I appreciated most about it was the fact that it gave a whole page on the left side of each daily spread just to time blocking. 

The quote may strike some as cheesy, but this is a very functional planner!

It’s so simple: just lines on a page and with block of time every few spaces; not terribly “aesthetic”, and some might even chalk it up to design laziness, but it gives you space and flexibility to use it for more exact time blocking or just a listing of a rough time-based to-do list. 

With this setup, you don’t feel boxed in, and you basically get to give your day structure rather than feeling like it’s the other way around in some planners that provide a little too much guidance and boxes to check. 

The More Unique Aspects of the Planner

To be honest... I appreciate the aggressive cover.

The most distinctive thing about this planner is that there are two places to write your goals on the same day. It’s definitely a very Grant Cardone thing, but it makes sense to me, and could help others as well.

In many positions (especially mine), it’s easy to be reactive, or to give in to our culture of busyness, so it’s good to have to think about my goals twice a day so I don’t get too complacent. It also makes sense given that I have a sales/fundraising aspect of my job with some clear goals (I do wish I found this planner earlier in my development career). This feature also supports the feeling that I am giving shape to my days rather than the other way around. 

The planner also provides a place for you to fill in the quote of the day which is also really interesting because it basically is another prompt to help you chooose how to frame your day.

If you had a bunch of negative quotes (e.g., “This is fine. Everything is fine.”) in a row, you could look back to it and understand better where you were and discern whether it was your circumstances or attitude that shaped that difficult patch. 

You Get More Than What You Pay For

This planner was just $20 (pretty affordable as planners go these days) but to me it has everything you need, nothing you don’t, and a few unique features that add a lot of value. It may be more appealing to people in sales jobs, but it could serve others well with a little creative thinking. 

Would I Use It Long-Term? 

Yes, but… I have shiny-object syndrome when it comes to planners. In fact, I’m waiting for another planner to come: The Saintmaker. Their summer quarter shipment was a bit delayed for everyone, so that just gave me time to enjoy this 10X shiny object.